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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 1, Nov 1981

News on The Tracker Newsletter

    There is nothing else like it! Six information packed issues per year of new and exciting knowledge from Tom's vast experience in the woods. Subscribers to The TRACKER will be the first to know items of interest such as updates on TV, radio, movie, new book releases, lecture and class schedules, announcements about specialty events in the making such as canoe trips, bow and arrow classes, etc., where to get specialty merchandise and hard-to-find items such as blankets, out-of-print books, survival gear, Indian tools and artifacts, craft materials, clothing and foot gear patterns, tanning supplies, updates on pertinent areas of history in the making around the nation, and most importantly, it will be jammed with detailed instruction concepts and true-life experiences that you will find both practical and inspiring. This first issue is a taste of what this newsletter will become -- we potentially hope it to become The TRACKER Magazine - we will expand as you help us through your subscriptions as well as your contributions in any and all areas.

    Any student wishing to write for the Newsletter should send it to Dick Mills at the Eastern headquarters address. (There will be no payment for articles.) All contributions are welcome and will be subject to editing; articles, personal experiences, illustrations, bits of humor, cartoons, photographs etc., all are welcome. We’d like to know what you'd like to see in this Newsletter - feel free to write comments or suggestions. Thanks for your support!

    We are pleased to announce Berkley Books of NY has bought the rights to the first four volumes of    the new survival handbook series - the first two will be on the market starting in the fall of 1982 - (1) wilderness survival; (2) how to track and nature observation; (3) Native American skills; (4) alternate lifestyles and city survival. Two veteran students will be working with Tom on the books - Brandt Morgan as coauthor and Daphne Pereyra as illustrator. We are expecting to do up to 16 volumes.

Note:  Tom has packed even more information than ever in each of his classes.  Example: mini classes now contain the amount of tracking and skills instruction of earlier standard classes!  Tom has added so much to each skill-level class, what was termed "Advanced" class in 1980 in N.J. and Wa. is now being called "Advanced Standard", and a higher skill-level class is termed "Advanced".  Call or write if you need more clarification.


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