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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 1, Nov 1981

Keeping TRACK of the News ...

“The Mother Earth News" magazine is now featuring Tom's articles on a regular basis -his first article is out now in the Sept-Oct ‘81 (#71) issue, pp.58-60! Excellent review of shelter skills!

The Burghers of Calais' stereo cassette tapes are now available at $7.99 plus 50 cents postage/handling (Pa. residents add 6% sales tax). “No Easy Believer" tape features "The Theme to The Tracker" and other Tom Brown favorites. Order from: Lion Records, Box 24, Headquarters Road, Erwinna, Pa. 18920.

The Tracker knife will be available in late fall to early winter and will only be sold to Tracker students.

The medicine Shield shirts are now available through Tom at the New Jersey address. They sell for $6.50 plus $1.50 for postage. The symbols on the shirt have very special meanings: the central skull is a deer skull, symbol of the last track; on the forehead of the skull is the coyote paw, Tom's symbol; the chickadee represents the chickadee philosophy and way of life; the medicine pipe has four large feathers representing each of the four directions; the two small feathers hanging from the bowl represent the Great Spirit and the Earth Mother; the bowl is a symbol of the Earth Mother's bones because it is made of stone; the stem represents all growing things because it is made of wood; all the symbols are all contained within the sacred circle, representing the never ending circle of life.

Capote patterns may be ordered from Dancing Eagle Trading Company, 6728--N.E. 181st, Seattle, Wa. 98155 for $4.45 (includes tax and mailing). Catalogs of all their merchandise (blankets, hides, jewelry and supplies, tools, etc., etc.) are available for $1.50 at the same address.

Hides may be obtained by writing or calling Moscow Hides and Fur Company, P.O. Box 8918, Moscow, Idaho 83843, 208-882-0601 and asking for current price and availability information. Another place to obtain hides to the JANSHA Tanning Company, 1355 North State, Marysville, Washington, 98271, 206-659-1333.

We are planning to feature book reviews - let us know which books you are particularly interested in seeing covered.


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