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The Tracker Magazine - Vol 1 No. 1, Nov 1981

Tom Brown Jr.

Dear Student,

This newsletter will contain a sampling of the type of articles, merchandise, and features we will be presenting in future issues. It is geared for the student of survival, tracking, primitive skills, and nature observation, beginning at the point of instruction the tracker class left off. You will find the information quite useful in building your skills, increasing your knowledge, and living closer to the earth mother. Each issue will contain a section on wild edible or medicinal plants, new survival techniques, tips on increased observation powers, techniques and tips on increasing your tracking ability, and a wealth of crafts and skills needed to make a well-rounded survivalist.

You will also find mail order merchandise, offering products that are hard-to-find, such as capotes, tomahawks, books, and knives, to mention just a few. A special section will be devoted to school information, not only class schedules, but on new courses or speaking engagements we will be holding. Another section will deal with environmental problems facing the nation and what we can all do to preserve what we have left. Guest authors, Medicine People, students and experts in various fields will write on a wealth of subjects from Native American religion and spiritualism to the personal anecdotes of tracker students.


I sincerely believe that there has never been a magazine of this kind available, covering the subjects, the interests, and skills needed to further one's love of the outdoors. I like to think of this magazine as another stalking wolf, showing us new techniques and skills each issue. I hope that you all will join us in supporting this new and unique magazine.


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