by Thomas L. Willis


The Scouts' Lover

We had arranged a rendezvous.
I adorned myself to match her so as not to seem out of place.
She is so special; I wanted everything to be just right.
I quieted my heart in anticipation of our time together.
I rehearsed our conversation so as not to seem clumsy or be misunderstood.

When finally in her presents the energy overwhelmed me and comforted me.
Slowly we moved along together in the quiet of the night.
Our very souls embraced.
I stroked her gently and entwined my fingers with her at every opportunity.
I lay my head in her lap.
I stretched the full length of my body across hers as she clung to me and held me.
The breeze of her cool breath across my back sent chills thru the warmth of the night.

We separated and I could smell her scent all over my body.
As we walked my body strived to stay in contact.
In the darkness, my heart became enflamed as I traced my fingers along her every curve and contour.
I taste her moisture and . her tears.
I feel her energy and her pain.
I smell her exotic bouquet and. her steamy sweat.
I hear her voice, her laughter, and sometimes her cries.

The night has become long and she holds me close and comforts me.
With her arms around me; I am hidden from the rest of the world.
The intimacy we shared thru the night is exposed with the coming of dawn.
Her energy and life force radiates out from all that she touches.
As night evaporates into full day, she feeds me, bathes me and gives me drink.
I am refreshed.
As a "Scout" I have spent time with my lover: her name is the Earth.

Copyright 2004 Thomas L. Willis


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