by Marcia Nelson


The Caretaker

The Earth Mother's blood
pulses through our veins.
A steady rhythm:
"Help heal my children.
Help heal yourselves.
Help heal me."

The Earth Mother's plea
screams through our ears.
A passionate wail:
"Help! Heal my children!
Help! Heal yourselves!
Help! Heal me!"

The Earth Mother rages
and the winds pound our chests.
A forceful demand:
"Help heal the Children.
Help heal Your selves.
Help heal our Mother."

The Caretaker experiences
a reaching into the soul.
An act of worship:
How may I help your children?
How may I help my self?
How may I help my Mother Earth?

In the Sacred Silence
the answers may be heard.
A gentle whisper:
"Learn about my children.
Love your selves.
Listen to the Earth. Make a difference."

Copyright Marcia Nelson
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