by Linda Klintworth


Eagle Dancing

I'm dancing with the eagles--a sky dance way up high
Free at last, unfettered, for my spirit did not die.
It's free to soar above the clouds--I've touched the heart of God
You may think me full of fancy, but, then, I always was quite odd.
Now I'm with you every moment, in everything you do
I see and feel your hurts and pains---listen close for I'll guide you
I laugh with you and burst with pride---no one will love you more
I will always be that little voice, deep in your inner core.
As long as you remember me and speak of me with love
I'll forever dance with eagles, watching o'er you from above.


'Tween Times Symphony

'Tween the times of day and night, a hush falls on the land
A silent blanket covers all, placed by a gentle hand
Human noises cease to be and nature takes its turn
To softly tell us it is there and how it needs and yearns
The peepers and the croakers sing a hope-filled cheerful song
For clear and healthy water, so they can live where they belong
The crickets join this symphony, happy just to be alive
They tell us they need clean rainfall to help them to survive.
An owl or two supply the bass to tie it all together
They ask us why we killed their food--or was it simply just the weather?
All creatures large and small make the chorus echo clear
They speak of how they need our help, but do we really hear?
For we lay safe inside our homes--we've closed our eyes and ears
I wonder how we sleep each night--my eyes stream down with tears.
Someday soon the 'tween times will lie silent, dark and bleak
Unless we start to act now, nature will cease to speak.


Who Will Care?

When the last tree has fallen and lies on the ground
When all nature has left us and silence abounds
When waters are fouled--too far to repair
When all's said and done, who remains that will care?

When pollution has killed all the green on this earth
When man learns of his follies and what they were worth
When our greed and our power means fields now lay bare
When all's said and done, who remains that will care?

When diseases run rampant , and we slaughter our own
When reality sinks in---we are truly alone
When all flora and fauna are lost and quite rare
When all's said and done, who remains that will care?

When we each draw our last breath and leave this dead place
When we pray our last prayer, will we ask for God's grace?
When we ask who remains, the answer is clear
In the tear stained faces of grandchildren we once held so dear.


Two Very Different Waterfalls

I came upon a garden while walking yesterday
I thought that I was lost: in truth, I'd finally found my way
To a hidden clearing--what is that joyful sound?
Twas the dancing song of water, falling all around.
Midst verdant forests and ancient rocks, I stared in disbelief
My spirit soared and sang along, freed at last to feel relief
I found a seat amongst the rocks, and peace it filled my soul
I vowed to never leave this place til at last my heart was whole
The breeze, so soft and tender, caressed my wounded skin
And I grew quiet and thoughtful of things that once had been.
Nature talked to me that morning--it's voice filled with hope and love
An urgent, timely message from Great Spirit up above.
I touched the beauty, felt the peace, and left there so serene
And now my soul is haunted by the ghosts from this grand scene
I'm not ashamed of all the tears coursing down my face,....
...I am ashamed, however, I did nothing to save this wondrous place.


Just Wanted You To Know     

On our very first meeting, my heart it skipped a beat
It felt new life in knowing, God destined us to meet.
My heart danced with a lightness--freed--to fill with love again
As your honesty, and truth  with time, healed wasted years of pain.
Your gentleness and humour stirred my spirit to awaken,
Your love and kindness turned my life, from wrong paths I had taken.
You knew my thoughts and feelings, our souls became as one
You stood by my side in troubles, and we ran and laughed in fun.
Where did the precious time go? It seems like yesterday--
You told me he had called to you and you must go away.
I've no regrets, just blessings, of the joy you've brought to me
And though my heart still aches for you, my soul at last is free.
So, on this day throughout my life, our love will stronger grow
You'll always be my Valentine----I just wanted you to know.



The Greening

The greening of our Mother - I used to call it spring;
New life and hope, to my heart, each warming morn it brings;
Songs of robins just arrived, to join the jays and crows;
Awaiting too the greening - day by day, it slowly grows;
'Til buds erupt, and blossoms burst, and magic fills the air
This miracle comes but once a year - and now it's getting rare.

The breezes lack now, the magic found, in swirling blowing leaves;
It is so sad that most won't see, all nature cries and grieves;
A lot now grow ill, both young and old, they cannot catch their breath;
Winds carry stench of chemicals, and bitter forest death;
For trees have died across the Earth - now very few remain;
How could we leave our Mother, in such torment and pain?

There still is hope, I realize, this was only just a dream,
To show to us our destiny, is much more than it may seem.
We must do our best to save what's left -- our Mother needs us so --
-- The greening of our Mother, all future ones can know.

(Linda wrote this after reading The Dying of The Trees)



Sensing a Change

I heard the last tree fall, a horrendous sound,
I heard its last gasp, as its trunk hit the ground.
I saw the last animal, writhing in pain
From the atrocities inflicted by "society’s" reign.
I felt the Earth tremble; she gave us her heart –
To treasure; and yet we tore her apart.
I tasted the waters before they ran red
With pollutants and toxins and all kinds of things dead.
I touched once this future – or was it a dream?
I only can tell you; I came to with a scream.

I heard of a man who followed his vision
Teaching others to care was a life-long decision.
I saw Earth children come; and they left with a goal
To not rest ‘til the Earth was once again whole.
I felt all the changes each student was making
By giving instead of forever just taking.
I tasted their victories; they helped save our land
With actions and strength – they each took a stand.
I touched hope for the first time, in the drops of my tears …
…One man and his students has at last calmed my fears.

Bless you Tom Brown Jr.
    and the Tracker Family



A Pine Cone Speaks

Still your body, clear your mind
Hold me gently and you will find
Yourself--midst trees, tall, strong and grand
In an ancient forest where you now stand
Smell the pine--how sweet the scent
Carried on breezes that are heaven sent
Touch my mother, know her soul.
Allow her energies to make you whole.
Feel her sorrow, feel her pride
Feel her stirring deep inside.
Hear the song her branches sing
--Accept this love Great Spirit brings.




An autumn garden beckoned to me
To stay awhile, to stop and see--
Its beauty strewn all around
In crimson leaves upon the ground.
Oranges and yellows mingled too,
Beneath a sky of azure blue.
An artists' pallet touched my feet
It gave my soul a quenching treat
Of peace and love---all heaven sent
--My heart filled up with nourishment.
A surge called "Joy" coursed through my bod'
---At last I'd touched the heart of God.




Patience is rammed down my throat everyday
When I'm frightened and lost and I can't find my way.
I'm told to have patience so much I could scream
As daily my life seems to be a bad dream.
--A dream where the sky is rarely bright blue,
Where I wonder if dreams and peace can come true.
To be happy eludes me---I sink in despair
And get lost in a world where people don't care
They dwell on themselves with no thought of our plight
--I retreat to my peace 'neath the darkness of night.
To a swamp lush and vibrant and bursting with love
Fed daily with blessings from the Great Spirit above
I quietly drink from the peace all around
And tap into the energies from deep in its ground
I feel a small stirring deep down in my soul
---Patience has returned to help make me whole.



Rest In Peace

A place of beauty died today--I shed my useless tears
Over my lack of awareness, that's held me back for years.
My spirit tells me don't regret, what could or might have been,
But still my shame weighs heavily from all the death I've seen

I used to wander aimlessly, among trees and flowers there
And many times, there, I found my peace, which was illusive and oh so rare.
It wasn't much to the physical eye, but my spirit knew its' worth
And every spring would find my there, sharing in its' rebirth.

Now majestic trees lay broken, torn from their mother's loving grasp.
--No one could look upon this horror and not be forced to gasp.
Mounds of earth have choked the plants and the little swamp now dies
Man chose in greed to build more homes---and I heard all nature's cries.

I shed tears of sorrow for the dying--and tears of shame for the murdering living.
Who committed this crime against a mother so giving.
The dying cries they haunt me and fill my soul with pain....
....My heart breaks with the knowing----I cannot go there again.



Guided By the Spirit

I read the stories they had told of a friendly get-together.
They were blessed from up above with bright and sunny weather
They came upon a place needing help, the kind that they could give
With sweat and love they toiled, so a little stream would live.
They pulled out filth and murky muck and placed in stones for air
With effort and in peace, each one, showed how much they care
--By the time their work was finished, the happy spring ran clear
And nature smiled upon them all and shed a grateful tear
For these gentle folks has seen beyond their wants, and listened to their souls
And through their efforts, lovingly, a stream was now made whole.
I'm very proud of this fine group that grows more every day.
As Earth Mother smiles from up above and gently guides their way.

Absent in body---but always with you all in spirit....many thanks....Linda

Written by Linda in response to the report on the May 2000 Ontario Trackers meeting.



Garden of My Mind

Garden of my mind and what the world should be
For generations from now, the little ones to see.
Sparkling, crystal clear spring water--pure enough to drink
Instead of murky stagnant filth that spews forth in their sinks.
Flowers, fruit and vegetables not tainted by mans' hands
And mighty old rain forests where nothing alive now stands.
No endangered species, each would be valued for its role
For each one has its part to play in making this world whole.
Air so fragrant fresh and light, moving with the breeze
Not the heavy rancid stench that's laden with disease
Humans living in the spirit, not needing power or money
'Neath skies that once were sick and grey and now are blue and sunny
This garden's only in my mind--but we can make it so
Because this garden was our world so very long ago.
Our Native brothers knew this world--now they cry to all mankind
To heal our earth and make it not, just a garden of my mind.



Giving Thanks

I thank you for my life and all that you have given to me.
I thank you for the love that fills my life and nourishes my soul.
I thank you for the people I have shared my life with, both good and bad, and for the lessons the have taught me.
I thank you for the good times, but, more, I thank you for the bad times and the growth they have enabled me to make.
I thank you for the truth, honesty and clarity which have freed my soul.
I thank you for the gifts of spirit which have shown me my potential and also for my guardian spirits which guide me daily.
I thank you for your guidance and your patience with me as I stumble along my life's path.
I thank you for drawing me close to your heart, and for opening up my heart and my eyes so I may fill up with the love of all you have created.
I thank you for filling me with a purpose that does not let me rest or slide back to the physical world.
I thank you for making me realize my worth and how much there is to do.
I thank you for the strength to face what I feel is impossible, and the courage to make it possible.
I thank you Great Spirit, most of all for my faith, which sometimes still waivers, but never leaves me and carries me forward with each little step that I take.


"Sir" and His "Lady"
This poem was written about a pair of mallard ducks who almost reside at our townhouse complex.

A charming couple came to call---they radiated love.
--A wonderous little miracle, sent from up above.
They warmed my heart and stirred my soul--I felt renewed with life.
As "Sir" watched 'oer his "Lady"---his dainty little wife.
Most days they come to visit, they seem to look for me
And each time that I see them, my spirit soars so free
It soars not far, but far enough, to a special place
--A swamp vibrant and alive and filled with love and grace.
This is the place I long for, when the aching starts inside,
And I need the peace to just let go, of all the pain I hide.
Great Spirit, how I thank you, for this miracle sent my way
"Sir" and his "Lady" will have my love.....forever and a day.


Bless Them

May they all know the feeling when hugging a tree
May their spirits be loving, peaceful and free
May they taste the pureness of a clean-flowing stream
May angel watch 'oer them, each night as they dream
May they touch deep inside them til they find their souls
May they then find the strength to make this earth whole.
May they savor the scent of fresh rain-soaked air
May they bravely speak out in protest, 'cause we taught them to care
May they know of our love--our devotion--our pride
May they create miracles, with you, as their guide.
May they, at least once, sense your presence and grace
May they nurture their souls in your loving embrace.
May they have wise eyes, to see what we've done--and big enough
hearts to forgive us
Great Spirit, my heart aches and cries out to you------
---Please, bless the children, in all that you do.


The Final Walk

An age-old man embarked on a walk throughout this land
He'd heard of mass destruction, he walked to understand.
He came upon a mangled rock, it's essence drained away
He shook his head in disbelief, and walked on in dismay

Around a corner, a lone tree sent sobs across the breeze
On closer look, its family; had been killed with careless ease
He hung his head, his shoulders drooped, his heart it ached in pain
The heaven's joined his mourning-tears fell as gentle rain.

He plodded on more slowly, dread weighed the steps he took
He paused a moment, 'til he heard, the rippling of a brook
He hurried off to find it, hope lightened each step he tread
But the horror that he found, filled his broken heart with dread

No beast or plant lived 'round this stream whose waters now run red
It's garbage strewn banks were littered with the dead
He aged eyes filled up with tears-what had his children done?
For greed and power ruled their lives and killed off everyone.

He'd given each the gift of choice, he'd left it up to them
-- He'll rest awhile in heaven - then write Earth's requiem.


Copyright Linda Klintworth
Some of these poems are also on the Earth Caretaker web site, Poetry section.


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