by Kyle Deschamps


Do you ever find yourself overcome with a strange sadness,
seeming to burgeon from nothingness,
which envelops all thought and wonders how to smile.

For no one seems to know,
no one seems to care,
why not waste and kill and conquer. . .
is that not why its there?

My heart cries to even think this,
this disrespect and threat to Mother Earth,
but how can I ever change anything,
when so small and lonely and soft.
And standing in the bullrush,
coolness slipping through my toes,
face to face with sister doe and small spotted one,
I would give my life to save theirs.
So that fawn could grow and cherish,
the beauty surrounding life,
to never know or see this sadness,
that adds my salt tears to the marsh.

I pray with all my courage,
for hope to still reside,
that the others too may see the beauty,
and find the purity of peace inside.

Copyright Kyle Deschamps

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