by Jim Gainer (Crystal Mountain)


A Park of Trees

We are feeling, very lonely
A park, we have to share
No feet, walk upon our ground
No songs, do fill the air

You stroll, right past us
As if, we don't exist
We were made, by the Creator
Could die, and not be missed

There is a bench, for sitting
So stop, and rest awhile
Our branches, will shade you
For giving, is our style

Give shelter to squirrels and birds
And ants, there are a few
But most of all, we really want
You to walk, among us too!

If you stand, in  our midst
Relax and close your eyes
A peace will pervade you
A change, takes place inside



A Tryst of Trackers

In early October of ninety seven
T'was the start of a gathering, before eleven
Trackers arrived from many a place
At Allan's and Lucy's, their home, did grace

Each brought an offering, of food, and more
Bountiful meals, for us, were in store
There were hugs, handshakes, laughs and fun
This assembly was special, all were One

A walk through the forest, the trees a-glow
Their beautiful colours, they did show
A stop at a stream, the water on the rise
A beaver was dam-building, no surprise

The Sweat Lodge was covered, in afternoon
Ceremonial leaders, volunteered soon
At the fire-pit, all stood around
As Walter prepared this holy ground

The wood was stacked, in a special way
Stone People were added, a-while to stay
A flame was needed to ignite the stack
So a skilled bow driller, did exactly that

Five hours later, the Stones were a-flame
So to the fire pit, once more we came
Thunder and Lightning Beings, awoke the sky
As the Stone People entered the Lodge, a sigh

Before entering in, came a cleansing rain
It washed off the dross, begin again
Encircling the Stones, we did sit
Great wisdom from them, we would benefit

Each took a turn, to have a say
As our bodies did sweat, the time away
When the flap was opened, our words flew out
To the Creator, knew what they were about

A feast at the house, awaited our return
So left the Sweat, our flesh a-burn
At the tables, we sat once more
After blessings, we ate food, galore

Next day a meeting, among the trees
And practised some skills, they were pleased
T'was soon time to go, with hugs all around
Gatherings in the future, would be found.


The Cathedral - The Forest

Come to the Cathedral, the Forest is calling
Enter in and sit awhile
Don't stand there looking, stop your stalling

All are welcome, you'll soon smile
The sun has warmed a spot to rest on
Quiet your body, still your mind
A silence, a peace, will descend over you
And a singing of birds, your ears will find

'Tis a choir, whose music is enchanting
Each voice though different, the melody the same
Open up your hearts and hear the message
We are all one, is the quiet refrain

A wind is a-whispering in the gathering
Each day is the Sabbath in this church
We pray to the Creator, our arms uplifted
Thank-you! A blessing, to all on this Earth

Glad you enjoyed, these restful moments
We are all happy, that you did stay
New hope fills our hearts, for the future
Please come and celebrate another day.



Tree Friends

A happy couple lived long ago
In a land where many trees did grow
They felt a Oneness all around
As they did walk about the ground

While sitting by an old oak tree
A voice was heard, "Come closer to me"
With arms aroud his outer bark
To them a talking he did impart

"Friends we be, please help us too
When in need we'll call for you"
They smiled and gave a tender hug
Their hearts did feel a warming tug

When lightning streaks from the sky
They sometimes hear a wailing cry
A light appears - a little glow
It shows them the way to go

The tree is found; lost an arm
With loving touch repair the harm
All the trees swing and sway
A song of joy is sent their way

A son was born, the trees did say
Played among us every day
In later years a woman did come
Joined with him; we are all One

If you live with trees around
Connect with them thru the ground
A subtle voice you'll hear inside
Let's live together side by side



When the Forest calls to you
Be still, become aware
That it needs a lending hand
Someone to love and care

As you walk with quiet steps
A path doth lead you on
Here and there upon the Earth
Are things that don’t belong

Pick them up, in pocket stow
The Earth can breathe again
As you step, keep alert
There’s more junk, left by Man

A deer a-browsing close at hand
You greet her with your eye
A joyous love begins to flow
Tween the two of you, a sigh

"Thank you for the care you take
Walk soft, be gentle like me
The more you love, and tend the Earth
T’will abound with life, like we"

Copyright Jim Gainer
More of Jim's poems can be found on the Earth Caretaker website, Poetry section.

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