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Cedar Swamp at the Tracker School Primitive Camp

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Inside the remaining cedar swamp. Dark, moist, cool and quiet.

Thick moss underfoot, and numerous pools of water.

The trees are covered with moist lichens.

However, near the edge of the clearcut the lichens have dried out.  So too have many of the pools of water.  

Closeup view of the roots of some cedar giants and the ground around them.

Large cedars near the edge.

Note the encroachment of thick small shrubbery. (Compare this to the 2 pictures above).  

A view into the depths of the cedar swamp.

Looking up....'way 'way up.

Huge tall mature cedars trees.

I guess they're worth a lot of money as logs. 

But the value of the cedar swamp cannot be reckoned in terms of money.



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Some of these photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001, others in Oct 2001
Copyright Walter Muma


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