Greeting cards by Nicholas Neddo

Printed from original ink drawings

About the artist

I have been drawing since I discovered crayons as a child. I grew up in central Vermont and learned to respect and love nature. For many years I dreamt of traveling throughout America seeking various ecosystem "cathedrals." Another part of that dream was to document the trip with pen and paper. The prints in this catalog represent an episode of a life-long journey.

Oftentimes, one's creative energies are not granted expression because they don't pay the bills. This reminds me of another dream commonly shared by artists: to earn a living with artwork. So what about the legendary starving artist? At least making artwork will never leave my spirit hungry.

So check out the drawings and let me know what you think.

The greeting cards featured in this catalog are indeed for sale! To order, simply print out the order form (CLICK HERE), fill it out and mail it to Nicholas Neddo with your payment. All the info you need is on the order form. The cards measure 8" x 5" and come with envelopes.
Questions? Email Nicholas Neddo.
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